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3 Things To Know About Mardi Gras


When you hear the words Mardi Gras you automatically associate it with New Orleans. Furthermore, you also tend to think of debaucherous acts. But although a big part of this festival involves overindulgence there are also other countless aspects associated with it. This event is a celebration of culture, religion and food.

Religious Aspect Of This Holiday

Mardi Grasis known for its parties and costumes. But many individuals may not have known that Mardi Gras which is also known as Fat Tuesday has Catholic origins. Thus, it is mainly celebrated in Catholic regions of the world. Furthermore, it should be noted that the season of Mardi Gras technically begins on Epiphany. This is a Catholic holiday which is said to fall on the twelfth day of Christmas. Therefore, this day is considered to be a farewell to poultry products. That is because starting from the midnight of Mardi Gras Catholics would begin their 40 day fast for Lent. Hence, on Mardi Gras Catholics would be overindulging one more time before preparing for Lent.

First Mardi Gras Of USA

As I mentioned earlier Mardi Gras and New Orleans are synonyms. That is because people travel far and wide to celebrate this day in New Orleans. But what many individuals are not aware of is the origin of this festival in theUSA. It is true that this festive has Catholic origins. But the festive was first brought to theUSA by a French explorer known as Pierre Le Moyne D’lberville in 1699.  He held the first recorded Mardi Gras in a city called Mobile in theUSA. You may now think that this city was later renamed,New Orleans. But that is not correct. Instead, this city was later renamed Alabama.

King Cake

If there is one food that signifies Mardi Gras that would be King Cake. One should note that this piece of food is available only during this season. Thus, due to this reason, this cake is covered in purple, green and gold icing. That is because these are the colours of Mardi Gras. However, while this certainly makes this food special this is not the only reason it is beloved by Mardi Gras goers. What is special about this cake is that baby Jesus trinkets are stored in some of the cakes. Therefore whoever finds this trinket is considered to get good luck through the year. However, in some circles, the individual who finds this trinket is required to host a party during this next season.

Mardi Gras is an infamous event all around the world. But we have realized that many individuals do not know anything about this event except for its debaucherous acts. Thus, in order to resolve this situation strive to read the above facts.

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