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How Is Christmas Celebrated Around The World


Christmas is considered to be the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. During this time people are not only charitable. But the entire world appears to be bathed in a magical glow. This is the time of the year where every single individual would be happy with something.  However, when you think about Christmas many tend to think of it in the context of America. But it should be noted that Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated all over the world. Hence, one cannot restrict the festive to one country. Furthermore, they should keep in mind that this festive vary with each country. That is because each country has its own traditions that it tends to follow.


When you think of Christmas you tend to think of Santa Claus. Furthermore, in some countries, you can see Santa Clauses roaming the streets during this season. They would be available in malls for children to take pictures. Furthermore, parents dress up like Santa to surprise their children. But this is not the case in every country. For instance, in Austria instead of Santa Claus, you get Krampus roaming the streets.  Thus, just as the name suggests this is considered to be a demonic creature who punishes bad children. In Austria, it is claimed that this creature captured the bad children and put them in his sack. However, one should not expect to see this create on Christmas day. Instead, people tend to dress up like him during the first week of December.


You tend to associate many things with Christmas. For instance, Santa Claus, reindeers, Grinch are all associated with Christmas. But in Norway people tend to associate something very unexpected with Christmas. That is brooms. On Christmas, every Norwegian tends to hide their brooms. That is because they believe that evil spirits look for brooms to travel on during this season.


One of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. Therefore when decorating the tree many of us tend to have family heirlooms to hang on this tree. This can be decorations that we made as children or even ones made by our children. However, this same tradition is not followed in Ukraine. That is because there they tend to decorate their tree using spider webs. That is because according to folktale a widower was unable to decorate her tree. Therefore a spider decorated the tree using its web. Thus, from that day onwards the family’s luck began to prosper.

Therefore in order to understand different Christmas traditions you should follow this article.

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