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Fun Facts About The Fall Of The Berlin Wall


There are many events that define generations and the falling of the Berlin wall is one of them. As millennials, many of us may have heard about the physical fall of the Berlin wall. But in reality, many of us know nothing else about this event. This is a regretful situation. That is because the falling of the wall did not merely signify the end of the physical barrier in the middle of East & West Germany. But it also signified the end of the capitalist and communist regimes between the two regions. Thus, in a way, one can claim that this event illustrated the end of the cold war.

It Was a Mistake

The Berlin wall was which was erectedovernight in August 1961 stood proudly for the next 30 years. You may have heard that there were countless reasons behind the construction of this wall. But the main reason was to prevent the East Germans from evading to the west. Thus, due to this reasons, you know for a fact that time and energy went behind the building of this wall. However, the fall of this wall, on the other hand, was a complete mistake.  In reality what happened was Günter Schabowski an East German politician mistakenly claimed that the travel restrictions have been lifted. Furthermore, he claimed that these changes would be applied immediately. Thus, as soon as this news was released there was a flood of people attempting to cross to West Germany. This, therefore, resulted in the fall of the iron curtain.

Shawshank Redemption Worthy Escapes

Although the wall stood proudly for 30 years it did not deter East Germans from attempting to escape these confinements. According to records, it appears that over 5000 East Germans escaped during this time. However, there are some escapes that went down in history for its execution. One such immortalized escape was carried out by the 3 Bethke brothers. The first of these escapes took place in the year 1975. That is when the eldest brother floated across the Elbe River to his freedom on an inflatable mattress. If you were impressed with this brother you would be awed by the next brother. That is because he managed to fly over the Berlin Wall to his freedom. He achieved this task by using a cable that he shot to the West Berlin using a bow and arrow. Thereafter these two brothers joined forces to fly a plane to East Germany to pick their youngest brother.

Even after all these years the fall of the Berlin Wall still brings joy to many people. Therefore in order to understand this monumental event one should strive to follow the above article.

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