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Why Video is the Most Powerful Type of Content Right Now


There’s never been a better time to get excited about video than right now. Advertisers are heavily investing in video as the top form of content. It’s understandable. More and more people now have access to video content because of superior smartphones and better internet connections. The rise in mobile usage is also boosting video consumption. YouTube, the video viewing platform, is now the second most powerful search engine. If these reasons are not enough, here are several more to convince your brand that video content is important:

Video Directly Increases the Conversion Rate

Unlike most types of content, video content doesn’t just attract traffic, it actually pushes people to make purchases. Video content has been strongly linked to massive upticks in the conversion rate. Merely having a video on a site’s homepage can increase the conversion rate by about 80 percent. The conversion rate boost happens with any type of video, such as product videos, review videos and so on. Therefore, search for the web marketing agencies in your area right now to create a great video promotion strategy before the competition does.

Video Quality Doesn’t Matter

Do videos only generate good sales if you use an expensive camera and the picture quality looks Imax ready? Nope. The benefits of video extends to even those low-quality, poorly shot uploads. It’s easy to shoot videos these days. Even your smartphone can do it. As it turns out, viewers don’t care much about the picture quality per se than the actual content and message in the video. Poor design is perfectly excused as the video is entertaining or informative. Compare this to writing an article or creating an infographics. You will have to spend money and time to make everything look very nice.

Video Content Generates Consumer Trust

Video content generate sales, mainly because it’s a good foundation to build trust with consumers. The content engages users and the visuals can convince the target audience in a manner that fancy words can’t. Customers trust what they see in videos, especially when the content looks un-choreographed. Therefore, if your brand is struggling with trust issues, consider creating more video content.

Video is Great for SEO

Struggling with SEO? The make more videos. It’s not just the consumers, even Google loves video content. According to SEO research, a brand’s website is more than 50 times more likely to show up on Google search if the website has videos embedded. Also, Google owns YouTube, which means that a successful YouTube channel could lead to better ranking results.

Video Drives Mobile Engagement

An overwhelming majority—over 90 percent!—of mobile users watch videos using handheld devices. According to YouTube, the site has a 100 percent rate of mobile user engagement each year. Of course, everyone loves watching videos while in transit, waiting, or any time there’s a phone around and there’s nothing better to do. If your brand is seeking more mobile user engagement, video is the way to go.

In other words, video pays off in terms of ROI. The return for investment is incredible, especially compared to other types of content. The costs of creating videos is going down, while the cost benefits thanks to conversions is increasing. Therefore, video is one of the best advertising tools any business can deploy.

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