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What To Know About Thanksgiving


We all tend to consider Thanksgiving to be an American holiday. This is theday that is signified by the consumption of a turkey. Furthermore, it illustrates the beginning of the holiday season. That is because soon after Thanksgiving people begin to prepare for Christmas and the New Year. Therefore from Thanksgiving to New Year is considered to be the holiday season. But what many individuals fail to realize is that this holiday is celebrated all over the world. Furthermore, it also has a significant backstory.


The origin of Thanksgiving can be traced back to the year 1621. This is when Plymouth colonists from England sat down together with the Wampanoag Indians to share a meal. As this occurred during the autumn months it is believed that these two groups shared their fall harvest fest. Thus, from this day onwards till today every state in theUSA has continued to celebrate this day. Furthermore, if you thought that they simply shared one meal then you are completely wrong. That is because according to records it appears that this Thanksgiving festival lasted over 3 days.

Turkey Pardon

This may sound like a joke when you hear it. But since President Truman, every USA president has continued to pardon a Turkey before Thanksgiving. Thus, they basically save one bird from being some family’s Thanksgiving meal.  This tradition has thus gone for nearly 70 years.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Something that we all do before sitting down for our Thanksgiving dinner is watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Some individuals would watch this in person while others would watch it on TV. However, irrespective of where you watch it we can all agree that it has become a Thanksgiving tradition. But many individuals do not the origin of this parade. Well, something that you should know is that initially, this was not a Thanksgiving parade. Instead, it was called Macy’s Christmas Parade. It was initially showcased in the year 1924. It began because Macy’s had the honour of being known as the largest store in the world.

Official US Holiday

As I mentioned earlier Thanksgiving was celebrated for the first time in theUSA in 1621. However, this does not mean that it automatically became a US holiday. Instead,that happened in the year 1864 due to President Lincoln. He officially announced this news after the Union battalion won a battle. But he claimed that this holiday should be celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. This precedent was followed until the year President Roosevelt moved this holiday to the third Thursday.

Thus, with the help of this article, you can expand your knowledge about Thanksgiving.

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